Warren Worthington lll is a character in the X-Men films.

Real Name Warren Worthington lll
Superhero Name Angel
Team The X-Men
Powers and Abilitys Flight
Gender Male
Age 30's
Actor Ben Foster
First Appearance X-Men: The Last Stand
Latest Appearance X-Men: The Last Stand


When he was 10 in 1986 he found out he had mutant wings and tried to cut them off.However, his father found out and he then on trys making a cure.In 2006, Warren accepts the cure however he flys off to try to protect mutant from the cure.He joins the X-Men and at their last stand to defeat Magneto, three of the brotherhood members push his father of the roof.Warren saves him though.However, a couple years later Warren is killed.After Logan goes back in time it is unknown if he is alive again.