Erik Lehnsherr is a character in the X-Men films.

Real Name Erik Lehnsherr
Supervillain Name Magneto
Team The Brotherhood
Powers and Abilitys Magnetic Manipulation
Age 92
Gender Male
Actor Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender
First Appearance X-Men
Latest Appearance X-Men: Days of Future Past


He is born in 1931.In 1944 Sebastain Shaw kills his mother.In 1962, Erik and fellow mutant Charles Xavier become friends.However they get into a fight and form two teams.In 2000, Erik meets Charles again and they get into a fight with Charles' X-Men.Later that year, He fights with the X-Men to defeat William Stryker.Erik kills Stryker.One Year Later, former X-Woman, Jean Grey is resurected and turns evil.She joins him.On a battle with the X-Men the humans get a cure and Hank McCoy and Logan stab him with a cure dart.Logan is then forced to kill Jean.In 2023, Magneto and Charles stop their fight and with Logan and Ororo Munroe join the future X-Men.Logan goes back in time and past events are altered.Erik and Charles are in a fight with the future altered again.