Future Charles

Charles Xavier
is a character in the X-Men films.
Real Name Charles Xavier
Superhero Name Professor X
Team The X-Men
Powers and Abilitys Telepathy
Age 91
Gender Male

Patrick Stewart

James McAvoy

First Appearance X-Men
Latest Appearance X-Men: Days of Future Past


Charles Xavier was born in 1932.At the age of 12 he meets Raven Darkholme and they become friends.He is delighted to meet someone else "different".He lets her stay at his house as his parents accept her like a daughter.He meets Erik Lehnsherr and become friends.He then makes his own team of mutants.In 2000 he meets Logan and he becomes a member of Xavier's team, the X-Men.After Jean Grey's death she is ressurected.Xavier tells Logan that her powers saved her.Jean becomes evil and Logan is forced to kill her.After Logan goes back in time.Jean, her fiancee Scott, Henry McCoy and Rogue are alive again.